Reserve now for Live, Love, Lasagna! Our 2nd annual community dinner is on Wed., November 14th!

Reservations are now open for our 2nd annual community dinner! Book now to guarantee your preferred time!

All K-5 students and chorus members will have a chance to shine on stage this year AND our friends at SELCO Community Credit Union have graciously offered to pick up the tab for dinner! That means we are not collecting any payment for dinner, but you will still need reserve a time slot for you and your family members. 

The invite below will take you to the Eventbrite with answers to FAQs and more. Still have questions? Email Angel Stech or Brenda Olbeter, this year’s dinner organizers!

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Oregon Battle of the Books is Coming to Chapman!

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What is Oregon Battle of the Books? Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) is a statewide voluntary reading motivation and comprehension program sponsored by the Oregon Association of School Libraries. 16 books are chosen by committee.
Students are assigned to a team of 4-5 students from their class, they read 4-16 of the books, meet with their parent coach 1x per week, and participate in game show style competitions in late February/early March.
Who is eligible to participate? Any 3rd – 5th grade student.
How does my child participate? Return the permission slip that will be sent home Friday, 10/19. (Didn’t see that permission slip? No problem! Ask your teacher or contact Molly Porter or print from here: OBOB Parent Letter Permission Slip
Who assigns teams? Teachers.
How do I sign up to coach? Fill out and return the bottom of the sign up sheet that was sent home with your student. Attend the informational meeting Thursday, November 1stat 2:20in the Chapman school library. (Can’t attend. No problem! Fill out the bottom of the sign up sheet anyway and contact Molly Porter.)


Need more information?: Talk to your classroom teacher and/or contact the parent coordinators Molly Porter  at and Ashley Walker at You can also check out the official OBOB website

Parking guidance and drop-off lane etiquette

As we prepare to welcome Kindergartners back to our main campus, please take a moment to review these guidelines for parking and the car drop-off lane at Chapman. Your planning and patience are appreciated as we re-adjust back to a one-campus school.  Questions? Contact the office!

PARKING GUIDANCE | Chapman does not have a dedicated parking lot for families arriving by car.  Close street parking is fairly easy to find if you arrive before 7:45 a.m./2:00 p.m. and gets increasingly difficult every minute after that. The bus lane takes up all parking spaces on NW Raleigh along the north side of school. Parking availability may be subject to outside factors like the number of visitors at Wallace Park on a beautiful day. A few times a year, street cleaning, leaf removal or TV /film crews will affect parking availability. You will usually receive advance notice of those events from the office.

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DROP-OFF LANE ETIQUETTE | The car drop-off/pick up lane is located on NW Pettygrove and extends down about half a block to the fire hydrant. When using the drop-off lane, please observe the following guidelines in order to keep traffic flowing and everyone safe:

  • There is no staff escort from the drop off lane. (If you are a Kindergarten parent, please park and walk your student into the building.)
  • Drive slowly and keep an eye out for pedestrians. Children may not move predictably around cars and are often out of your line of sight.
  • Drivers must stay at the wheel. If you need to help your child get out, or need extra time to unload large school projects, etc, please park away from the lane.
  • After you have dropped your child off, please promptly exit the lane. This is a courtesy to parents who are waiting behind you and helps prevent safety issues caused a back up of cars.
  • If you are picking a child up and cannot stay at the wheel, please park away from the lane and pick your child up from their designated dismissal area.

Please do your best to ensure that students are at school on time and ready to learn by 8:00 a.m.! 



Kindergarten’s return to main campus will be main topic at Tuesday night’s PTA meeting

Screen-Shot-2015-10-19-at-7.06.26-PMTuesday’s PTA meeting will be largely devoted to discussing kindergarten transition back to main campus.

Childcare and light snacks will be available. Meeting starts at 6 p.m. and it is fine to arrive late/leave early.

All are welcome. PTA members are eligible to vote.

If you have not joined the PTA yet, you may do by clicking here.

Agenda is available here.